constant love eyes


poem by samantha peters, art by joe banks

I fall in love with people easily

I know it’s not real love

But a fleeting love

In the moment it seems just as strong as real love

I see these people in just a few seconds, just a few random seconds

I’ll probably never see them againĀ 

But there they are, in that precise, unique moment of time

And I am in love with them and the idea that we can have these moments in time

I see a man walking his dog trying to get it to stop sniffing the grass

I know nothing about him, but in that moment all of me is in love with all of him

It’s not vanity

It’s the moment

It’s somehow overwhelming and calming at the same time

To be completely enamored for a brief moment

It’s a look, a smile, a wink, a brushing of the hair, a flicking of something off the pants, it’s everything

And it’s the uniqueness of everything, knowing I will never see that exact moment again, that makes me fall in love

samantha is on instagram & twitter @pamseters

joe is on instagram @spacekingfelix

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