the prettiest face

by tyler j johnson

The man sitting at the first booth of the coffeeshop that I work at is ugly.

However, he has the prettiest face I’ve ever seen.

His face is rough

His hair is long

His jacket is clean

His face is rough.

As I puff the smoke out of my lungs from the last drag of my cigarette

I contemplate

This man

His face is rough

Who is he?

I’ve seen his pretty, rough face before

I couldn’t forget

Is his life in any way similar to mine?

Probably not

I usually see him alone

or with a friend

or his partner.

I don’t have a friend

I don’t have a partner

I’ve finished my cigarette

My face grown rougher than before the first drag

One day maybe

My face

will be

as rough as the man’s.

I’ll be ugly

I’ll be pretty

I’ll have a friend

I’ll have a partner

One day

but not today

maybe never.

tyler is on instagram @loureedswetdream